Mageia 9 has been released

Mageia 9 has been released and a lot of people are already using it.

You can find the release notes here
and the errata here

A huge big thank you to everyone who contributed to this great new Mageia version.

Even though almost not contributing myself, I have been using Mageia 9 without problems from when it started to be developed until now and I really like it.

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15 Responses to Mageia 9 has been released

  1. Me too. I started with the beta1, I suppose.

  2. Adept Cadet. says:

    Agreed, one of my boxes has been running only Cauldron leading to 9 sence the first beta. Excellent work all along, Mageia remains my distro of choice. All boxes going Mageia 9.

  3. Adept Cadet. says:


  4. Mike Finch says:

    Great (as ever!). But lazarus pascal 2.2.4 is in the repos. When can we expect 2.2.6?

  5. Eatdirt says:

    @Mike: as soon as you open a bug report for an update request (like this

    As a default, we don’t chase latest releases, they come with fixes and also new bugs. But if you are in need of a latest version, please open a motivated bug report and the update will be made!

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  8. Kevin B. says:

    I haven’t been very fortunate thus far with respect to successful automatic update from a previous version to the next, but, on at least one system, this time was a resounding success. Great job. Not sure how to trigger the update on a different system, but I look forward to it working also.

  9. marja says:

    Hi Kevin,

    You wrote “Not sure how to trigger the update on a different system”. If the upgrade isn’t automatically proposed, you might need to tick the box before ‘Check for newer “default” releases’ in MCC => Software Management => Configure updates frequency

    • Kevin B. says:

      Thanks. I did figure out how to trigger an update by reading the fine manual: This second system upgraded fine also even though it failed a number of times due to filling up the disk. I was able to use a root console to remove some packages and ‘Retry’, until it eventually succeeded (this is pretty awesome in and of itself). I might note that while the first system update worked, it did default to booting to a black screen. I’ve seen this multiple times in the past and fortunately know that I have to login via alternate console and use ‘sudo chown username:username .Xauthority’ as something changed it to ‘root:root’ permissions. Furthermore, I often have to ‘mv .kde .kde.old’ (or remove it), and did this time as well, so there might still be some work to do. I should find out where is best to provide this feedback.
      Regardless, again, kudos to all who all got the update system to this point.

  10. Panos says:

    Congratulations! Still the distro of my choice, for so many years..

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  12. Marc Laan says:

    Hi Marja,

    I have tried to donate to Mageia, but I do not use PayPal anymore (they robbed me a few years ago).

    On the website I can’t find a bank account for Mageia.

    Some weeks ago I asked this same question at But I never got an answer. Very strange, as if they don’t want to receive financial support.

    So here is my question again: what is the IBAN bank number for donating to Mageia?

    Regards from Amsterdam,


  13. marja says:

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for your willingness to donate.

    When we still published the IBAN of Mageia’s account, we were too vulnerable for fraud, we lost money to people who pretended to have a direct debit mandate.

    The e-mail address you sent your request to, is an alias for the two e-mail addresses of maat and neoclust
    I don’t know what went wrong, but will ask neoclust to contact you

  14. Congratulations, Mageia! Finally, after a long time waiting for Mageia 9.

    Best regards,