The release of rc1 brings Mageia 9 stable even more closer to reality

We are proud to announce the first release candidate of Mageia 9. Since the release of beta 2 in May 2023 the Mageia team has worked to solve a number of stubborn issues and provide security fixes and new updates.

Thanks to all the teams that make up Mageia for the great work done in these months, to fix, test and validate all these new features and add the new wallpaper. The following features stand out:

  • Kernel – 6.4.3
  • glib – 2.36
  • gcc – 12.3.0
  • rpm – 4.18.0
  • Chromium – 114.0.5735.198
  • Firefox ESR – 102.13
  • LibreOffice –
  • Plasma – 5.27.5
  • GNOME – 44.2
  • Xfce – 4.18.4
  • LXQt – 1.3.0
  • mesa – 23.1.3

A full list of included packages is available in the .idx file for the installation media. There is currently a hard version freeze in effect pending the outcome of user testing of the release, including the upgrade mechanism.

For those that want to jump in and test straight away, the images can be downloaded here. As always with pre-release images, use your best judgement, but all testing and comments are welcome. You can read first the Release notes and the Errata.

We continue to offer (as few do) installation media for 32-bit and 64-bit systems, 64-bit live images for Plasma, GNOME and Xfce, as well as a 32-bit live image for Xfce.

Join us in Mageia!
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12 Responses to The release of rc1 brings Mageia 9 stable even more closer to reality

  1. aguador says:

    Great work by the devs. Having seen some of the back and forth, I know there were stubborn issues indeed. One issue in that back and forth concerned Firefox, which frequently draws user comments. There is a new ESR out, but it was felt best to wait for a point release before upgrading, so users can expect that it will be in updates in the near future.

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  4. microchip says:

    I’m running Mga 9 since early beta and it has been stable thus far. I can’t imagine how much more stable it can be made, but I’m very pleased with it and its polish!

  5. popuriao29 says:

    Thanks, I will try to test it on VirtualBox.

  6. Eric says:

    I’ve been running Mageia 9 on several of my machines for a couple of weeks now. I even upgraded my main workstation to it a few days ago.

    Rock solid release. The update has resolved nearly all issues I had with Mageia 8. (8 was not as great as 7 for me.)

    The only big issue I have is with Dolphin losing all its tabs. This is only an issue in 23.04.1, but they fixed it for 23.04.2 I’m wondering if we’ll get an update. Otherwise, I will have to switch DE/File Manager.

    Beyond that, great work Mageia Team! I look forward to getting the rest of my and my family’s machine upgraded!

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  8. Otto Leipälä says:

    Very good nice to see progress to getting it released 🙂

  9. Tuxinator says:

    Successfully upgraded from mga8 to mga9 without a single issue!

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