Mageia 2 beta 3 is on the way

As explained in a previous post, Mageia 2 planning has been delayed a bit. A beta 3  release has been added. While it was planned for today, it will  be also delayed for some days. This release will come with usual DVDs but also Live CDs and dual CD and is asking some extra time for tests.

Stay tuned!

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24 Responses to Mageia 2 beta 3 is on the way

  1. Mike Leitner says:

    I hope the Live CD will work, so I can try Mageia.

  2. rich says:

    im ready

  3. Jin-tong says:

    Waiting for the Live CD, too.

  4. Rodney Blosser says:

    Live CDs will bring you many more testers.

  5. Rodney Blosser says:

    I even suggest that you create Live CD 64-bit instead of the dual CD.

    • Oliver Burger says:

      Actually we are creating 64bit LiveCDs, but not instead of the dual CD but in addition to the other images we are providing.
      The usage of the dual arch cd is quite a bit different from that of the dual.

      And about “many more testers”, I am sorry to say, but people just fooling arround with the LiveCDs can only give us very limited testing results. for us as distributors, people installing the alphas, betas and rcs are way more important.
      LiveCDs are imho nice if you need a rescue system, but otherwise just some thing to fool arround with. They can be helpful, if you want to test hardware compatibility with a device, ok.
      But if you really want to test a distribution, install it, if you don’t (or can’t) install it on real hardware, do so in a vm.

      • Rodney Blosser says:

        > …people just fooling arround with the LiveCDs…
        Yes but you have to take all what you can get including the “fooling around” users.

        > LiveCDs are imho nice if you need a rescue system…
        LiveCds 32 and 64-bit are not optional. All popular distributions have them for very good reasons.

        > But if you really want to test…
        I guess I donate simply because I don’t contribute by testing or packaging. Even if I build something special for Mageia, it will only be useful for those interested in AI applications / hardcore software developers (almost nobody).
        Mageia has more potential now after the collapse of others. So let’s use this situation to the fullest.

      • liberforce says:

        I don’t really agree with you. Live CDs are just the most used medium during an install party. It’s used to check hardware compatibility, to resize partition, fool around, and install the system. This ain’t problem-proof.

  6. kurmucis says:

    Curious for Live CD, too.
    I would seriously disagree regarding the importace of it.
    The absence of Live CD (or the inferior quality) is the serious isue lovering the popularity of distribution.
    If You are making the distro mostly for a skilled and dedicated “Linux people”, than it’s ok to go without LiveCD. For the newcomers and the ones living with both MS and Linux IMHO LiveCD gives the possibility to try and to install simple and usable system.
    If in doubt, i’m writing this in PC with installed Mageia 1 LIveCD on the hardware where “full” distro failed to install. About the same experience was for a several previous releases (starting with Mageia 2008.1).

  7. Garthh says:

    I need a live cd so I can do a full install
    my testbox is limited
    & I’m not bright enough to figure how to modify the larger images to fit on a cd or flash that I own

    happy to hear there is progress & that you guys are more interested in quality than an arbitrary date

  8. djmarian says:

    Always wanted a 64 bit Live CD.

  9. Mike Leitner says:

    The live CD is smaller. I can’t download 4,8 gigs

  10. Ethan says:

    If the installation DVD for beta 3 is done, why not post it and belay the liveCDs?

    • Oliver Burger says:

      Because we have some things to fix on the DVDs as well and because you don’t release parts of a beta.
      Either you release the beta or you don’t, if you start releasing every ISO on its own, you will loose attentiveness.

      • Ethan says:

        Fair enough. There are still several beta releases and release clients left. If the liveCD is so troublesome, they could release it then.

        • Rodney Blosser says:

          Nope, half a release will only serve negative impacts. High quality LiveCDs are too important to ignore.

  11. djmarian says:

    downloading dual cd 🙂

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  13. Keith says:

    Why all this interest in “Live CDs”? I remember trying Ubuntu and how frustrating the live CD was; the CD-ROM is just so slow and it took at least a half hour to even get the desktop to load and then you had to wait horribly long times for any program (including the installer) to start. It was just a total PITA. What I don’t understand is if you just want to test out a new version without screwing up your existing installation and have a few GB to spare, why not load the ISO in VirtualBox? That way, you’ll get to test a fully installed system and not screw up your existing installation.

  14. David says:

    Tried the 64bit live DVD last night and it failed on both of my computers (1 desktop, 1 laptop). This is the only distro that I’ve not been able to run from live cd. Both systems had problems with video. I was able to finally get it going on the laptop but it was broken.

    For reference my desktop has an aging but solid Nvidia 260 GTX and the laptop is a dual gpu running integrated intel and discrete nvidia card. On the initial run gnome 3 shell failed and reverted to fallback mode. I was able to fix this by logging out and back in but only to discover that there were other parts broken. Disappointing but I’ll look at future releases.