Mageia is like good wine…

Mageia 2 RC was planned for today but tests and debug are still going on to finalize it. We hope to deliver it in coming days.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned!

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58 Responses to Mageia is like good wine…

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  2. R.B. says:

    Late and bug-free RC is far better than buggy RC arriving on time. You did the right thing, thank you.

  3. Samuel says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome thanks so much doing that I love it! maybe one day we will take over Debian/Fedora (I don’t count Ubuntu because it’s sh*******t)

  4. JM terencio says:

    Hope you solve the NVIDIA 3D problem, I have no 3d opengl since last beta 2 updates or beta 3. Mageia 2 will however be a very good distro 🙂

  5. RickieES says:

    Given that it is an RC, may I assume that, once installed, it will receive regular updates in the same way than the final version? I’m willing to test it, but live CDs have had some problems with my graphic configuration.

  6. Curtis says:

    Better late and working rather than pushing out something that doesn’t work! Awesome work guys!

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  8. osifa says:

    No problem. We wait with patience. 🙂

  9. Anakin says:

    @ Samuel
    The only advantage Kubuntu have is Wubi
    I asked the developers to icorprate some kind of Wubu but they are struggling with manpower.

    Have a nice day and be nice as well

  10. randPaulin says:

    Thanks for letting everyone know in advance – hope to contribute soon…

  11. Neograven says:

    Awesome! If we’re running beta3 it will automatically update to rc, won’t it?

    • obgr_seneca says:

      Yes, you just have to make sure to replace the repos by the final ones after the release of the final or you will be on your way to the next development hell.
      But actually, it would be better to reinstall the rc, so we will have more people testing the installation procedure.

  12. GUINUX says:

    The Mageia 1 is very good, but I think it have too much outdated software. I hope that the second version comes with more updated software, the mainstream ones, like Firefox and Thunderbird, for example! I am waiting for the second version release because Mageia was very good to configure my Radeon HD 6470M and I hope that this continue better and better. Congratulations…Good job!!!

    • Hans Micheelsen says:

      And Java also. There have been quite a bunch of security updates since sun-

      • obgr_seneca says:

        With firefox and Thunderbird we provide the “Extended Support Release” of the software that will be provided with security fixes by mozilla itself until FF 17 is released.
        About java…
        Oracle revoked the redistribution license so we cannot provide any updates of java-sun/oracle.
        There is openjdk in the repos, which is up to date. If you absolutely need the oracle/sun one, you can only download it directly from oracle.

  13. yannick says:

    Don’t forget to add the release notes in french in the RC :
    french users will read something in french when installing Mageia 2.

  14. Menak Vishap says:

    May be it will be good idea to wait for KDE 4.8.3 release, which should happen in nearest days, and then to release Mageia 2 RC with it.

    • obgr_seneca says:

      Well, we already revised our original release plan to have KDE 4.8.x and GNOME 3.4.x and it would not be good to push it much further.
      Besides KDE 4.8.3 might well bring some other problems and thus require us to push it still further.
      Those little delays we are having now with beta3 and the rc are purely for bugfixing purposes, not to get new features. Every new feature you include might also bring regressions with it.

      • Digigold says:

        I’m sure it will be worth the wait! It seems to me that Magiea 2 is shaping up to be one of the best looking KDE desktop distros around. My only advice would be to ditch Gnome completely. Maybe incorporate razorqt more as it comes along as a lighter alternative. I really think qt is going to win out in the end, but that’s a whole different discussion.

        For whatever reason Mageia 2 B3 w/KDE + compiz rocks the nuts of an HP laptop I have with just a Radeon 4400. Almost like my mid-range pc turned into a pricey mac. Anyways awesome work guys.

        • farfouille64 says:

          Don’t listen to Digigold ! Gnome shell is an amazing desktop that run beautifully on mageia 2 beta X. 😉

      • Menak Vishap says:

        It’s pity, that you took such decision, because KDE 4.8.3 had been already released just today, and it contains no new features, but only the numerous bugfixes. I suppose, it could only improve the stability of Mageia release.

  15. Mark says:

    …And I’m disappointed:/ I hope May 15 that will be the final version of Mageia 2. Good luck!

    • obgr_seneca says:

      Mageia is an open source project, we live with the help people in the community are willing to give. So telling us, you are disappointed won’t change anything about the things we can do. If you want to have thingson time, start contributing and help us get the bugs fixed in time.

      • Mark says:

        @ obgr_seneca

        I appreciate what you do! But why give the schedule release, if you can not keep it. Is not it better to write the final version will appear in July? I understand that there are problems with systemd and all the rest. But a lot of my friends who have abandoned Windows in favor of Mageia, waiting for “two”. I do;)

        • obgr_seneca says:

          Actually we do need a fixed schedule for the whole development planning and that schedule has to be public, how else whould we have developers do their work on time, testers standing by for the pre releases and so on.
          And we aren’t that late, just a few days.
          So you only need to be patient for some days, that should be no problem…

          • Does it really matter? says:

            Better ditch systemd and continue to use
            SystemV. I think the code is more readable and speed does not matter, it will affect just the startup. The whole idea of Unix was to have human readable configuration files, not binary ones.

            • boklm says:

              systemd has human readable configuration files in /lib/systemd/system. More readable than a shell script actually.

  16. Daniel says:

    What is the most probably date for this RC? Don’t make me wrong, I just would like to plan some things depending on it.

    Thanks in advance for response.

  17. Chris says:

    I love Mandriva and Mageia very much!Waiting for Mageia 2 for a long time~~

    I don’t know if it is polite or not,but…

    I’m using a computer with Intel+Nvidia,so I really need to install bumblebee.I’ve used mdv 2011,I can install bumblebee easily from the repository,but I don’t know how to install it on Mageia.I need your help!

    And,Mdv 2011 is really good-looking!Comparing with that,Mga 1 seems to be a little,it’s rude,sorry,Mga 1 is a little ugly I think.

    I’m new to linux,I like ubuntu,which is easy to install a lot of software.PPA is good,and ,a lot of people is working on that.I use some software in daily life that is only deb.I’m looking for some way to convert that to rpm.

    Sorry for my poor English,I do not use English much,wish you can understand.Is there any way to get help from you?Email?

    Thanks very much!

  18. Anakin says:

    I hope we got Gimp 2.8 in final.

  19. Ex-Kubuntu User says:

    Awesome. I was looking for an alternative to Ubuntu/Kubuntu. And now I know it exists and it’s called Mageia 🙂 Can’t wait for the final Mageia 2. However, I wonder what happens if I install the beta or RC version? Will it be updated to the final version?

    On wish for the final release: Get rid of the default KDE icons and have something nicer for the folder icons. The default KDE icons are so ugly.

    • obgr_seneca says:

      I answered that above somewhere: yes it will be, but as soon as the final is released you have to remove the cauldron repositories and add the final ones.

  20. raphke says:


    Like the Mageia 1 planning for Mageia 2 is more and more … not respected (with good reason(s)) –> I hope a lesson will be to plan Mageia 3 more realistically.

    Beta 3 was not bad at all for me so I am plenty of confidence. Thx 🙂

    • obgr_seneca says:

      There wasn’t anything we could have planned differently. The few days we had to push some of the pre releases till now, were things that could only be seen in pre release qa tests.
      The overall planning was sound, the only thing we should make different is take more time (and people) for those pre release qa tests.

      • raphke says:

        ‘things that could only be seen in pre release qa tests’ … it is often the case (I saw that with Suse, Caldera, Mandrake / Mandriva since the 5.1 ??? yes I know I am old 🙂 ) so maybe it is better to plan longer period between every steps with some time a good surprise (earlier release) than the contrary no ? 🙂

  21. The Rifleman says:

    I have been using Mageia 2 since the Alpha 1 release in a VMware environment. I have had no issues whatsoever! Everything has and still is working great!!! I even have Mageia2 – Beta 3 running on my Toshiba A215 Satellite Laptop. Booting off a USB Stick and my home directory is the laptop’s hard drive! Works fantastically this way!! – And again, I am having zero trouble!

    Like I did with Megia 1, I will upgrade to Mageia 2 when the RC is released because for me, everything is solid and stable.

    I much prefer a Linux Distro that is well thought out and delayed if necessary than one that updates every 6 to 9 months and requires constant babysitting to keep it running. That’s why I left MS Windows — To much maintenance to keep it running well.

    Thanks so much for seeing to it, Mageia is a class act and a hard one to follow by others!

  22. Trevor says:

    I am having a wonderful experience with Mageia 1. I really appreciate your development team’s attitude and hard work. I am proud and ecstatic to support what you are doing in the Linux world. I plan on making some contributions in the near future. I also intend to send a modest financial donation as a thank you to what you have created. I have used various linux distributions, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, and a few others over the years and I have finally found an OS that feels like /home here with Mageia. Thank you so much and please keep up the great work! I will be supporting you every way I know how.


  23. I have installed Cauldron in a VM for testing. But I did so by installing Mga1 and then switching sources to Cauldron. Perhaps with the RC I can get an ISO and try an install from that. I’ll just keep watching here for the RC to be announced. Thanks for all the work to get Mga2 out. 🙂

  24. nasyek says:

    Thank you for your efforts … (bad english, sorry).

  25. Diego says:

    Thanks for working in this great distribution. Linux and KDE rocks.

  26. Chris says:

    May the 7th today!Wow,it must be somethings very big problems.I agree with R.B. that “YOU did the RIGHT thing!”.I want to thank you,too.I can see that every one of you are working hard on that.We are lucky to have known Mageia.I refresh this website several times per day.Can’t I downloaded the beta 3 this morning.
    Take a breath!And wish you healthy and good luck!

  27. Honeyglazed says:

    …And the silence… Although he was a week to release the final, there is still a RC version 🙁

  28. Neil Darlow says:

    Please exercise restraint with the negative comments. Mageia is a managed project and has a release schedule. In any project, problems may arise that affect the schedule (I know this from projects I have managed myself). Also consider that the Mageia team is composed of volunteers who work on the project for no pay. Moaning at them for delaying ISOs to ensure they are adequately tested and of sufficient quality is unfair and not good for their motivation to participate in the project. Be patient, Mageia 2 will arrive soon and, if Mageia 1 is anything to go by, it should be a good, solid, release.

  29. Mark says:

    Is the final release is delayed, since the RC is delayed? My Computer is addicted to Mageia;)

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  31. Hi Guys. Have just installed Mageia 2 RC (after happily using Mageia 1 for several months, was a Mandriva user for many years before) and it supports my t-mobile usb broadband dongle with a few mouse clicks, the first Linux distro I have tried to do so! Thank you so much, I no longer have to go into windoze now to use it:-))
    Keep up the good work! Mel.

  32. Otto Leipälä says:

    When mageia 2 is released mageia should push to updates kde 4.8.3 because it’s bugfix release to kde 4.8,it fix number of bugs found in kde 4.8.