New isos available for Mageia 3 (classical installer)

Despite the care we take to test isos for new versions of Mageia, we missed a potentially huge bug… It concerned the isos using the classical installer. If the user chose to add online media at the beginning of the installation, it would result in the system being updated to Cauldron, the development version of Mageia. This was due to the initial isos including a partial misidentification, referring to the development version (and not the Official one). The update media added pointed to Mageia Cauldron and not to the Mageia 3 repositories. Please note that users who chose to add online media only at the end of the installation would not be affected by this problem.

While the new isos were being prepared and tested, a temporary fix was applied on our infrastructure to automatically redirect to the Mageia 3 media. Thus only users of Cauldron were affected and should therefore explicitly install the media for Cauldron.

The patch has now been applied and new isos have been made available to replace the first ones.

If you download isos directly from one of our mirror, you can check easily that you have the latest version. Check the DATE.txt file on the mirror. You should have:

  • DVD 32: Thu Jun 6 2013 3:40:24 p.m. EST
  • DVD 64: Thu Jun 6 2013 3:49:47 p.m. EST
  • Dual CD: Thu Jun 6 2013 3:56:17 p.m. EST

Using our web site (you can also do it in other cases), you can check md5sum:

  • Mageia-3-dual-CD.iso: a2a9917c068d2a50ff2312821b055a1e
  • Mageia-3-i586-DVD.iso: d80fd26018e98a03ae020f15327fccf4
  • Mageia-3-x86_64-DVD.iso: 16547c7c1f933322122820468aa91e14


You can also check the contents of the following files (for example installation x86_64):

  • /etc/


  • /etc/mageia-release

Mageia release 3 (Official) for x86_64

Please note that we did not update the software contained on the isos to prevent unwanted regressions and new issues. Therefore the errata still apply, and were accordingly updated.

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19 Responses to New isos available for Mageia 3 (classical installer)

  1. doktor5000 says:

    Should be /etc/ 😉

  2. So it was good I haven’t had time to do the update yet 🙂

  3. MrsB says:

    Online upgrades using the applet were not affected. Only adding online medias before package installation using the classic installation dvd or dualcd. Even then, only prior to the sysadmins changing the mirrorlist api so that the correct medias were selected.

  4. lebarhon says:

    “Check the date.txt file”
    This deserve some explanation to find it, because when downloading from here,
    there is no such a file to be found !

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  6. roti says:

    Can I check if I have packages from Cauldron on my system? Say I don’t know if the update media was added at the beginning of the installation or not. I checked the update media, but I can only see that it points to $MIRRORLIST, which I don’t know exactly what it means.

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  8. katnatek says:

    in terminal run

    urpmq –list-url

    if you see cauldron instead of 3 after distrib/ in the list of urls you have cauldron repositories

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  14. ajhcasual says:

    Are the .torrent downloads also replaced?

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