Last few days before Mageia 1: some news from the front

As you may have seen on packaging activity board, package updates rate has slowed down these last few days. Our Mageia 1 official release is in progress and here are the latest news from the Mageia teams working to make this release a success. As always, the very last pre-release days are the toughest ones! 🙂

Packagers’ team

Last run, but not the least, before the official release. Some stuff are still in the TODO list:

Package submission is now closed. Any bug fixes, unless they are release_blockers, are now postponed until after the release, and will be pushed through updates, provided by our security team, after Mageia 1 is out.  Packagers will still be able to add new packages in Mageia 1 after release, using the backports repositories.

The team is now working on the release notes to be ready and translated for launch day.

Final ISO tests are in progress with an experienced group of testers to be able to manage that process properly. First builds started yesterday and the ISOs should be delivered before 31st of May in the evening so that they can be distributed on time.

Shortly after the release, cauldron will be reopened to let people start working on the next release. Some time may however be needed for sysadmins to prepare this switch. We will also restart earlier postponed discussions about important details such as the release cycle.

i18n team

Team is busy now together with marketing and communication people. Main goal is to propose as many languages as possible for Mageia launch so that everybody can easily start learning about and using it.

Sysadmin team

Sysadmin team are focusing on organizing current freeze of distribution but also on what will happen when Mageia 1 is out:

  • preparing mirrors and synchronization of new trees and ISOs for Mageia 1
  • forking our svn so that we can manage both cauldron and Mageia 1 branches
  • preparing security team work environment
  • and… the huge pending TODO list!

Artwork team

Last pieces of artwork have just been integrated for final ISOs. The team will now focus on general design for Mageia 1 launch, e.g. the web site and goodies.

Marketing / communication team

The team is working on last pieces for the Mageia 1 official launch:

  • official announcement and press release
  • make first experience of Mageia easy and user-friendly: downloads, installation, upgrade from Mandriva Linux 2010.1
  • explain what Mageia is and what we plan to do in the next weeks


So finally we still have some very busy days until the 1st of June. Need a rest? Go get a hug!

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11 Responses to Last few days before Mageia 1: some news from the front

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  2. patrick says:

    please, when u release the final product. make sure your links
    are working ones.

    thank you

  3. bert barten says:

    Dear Enneal,
    For over a week I am now using Mageia rc . A few weeks ago I used also the beta version. I am very impressed by the result. Now I wonder how I can upgrade from rc to Mageia 1? I hope you continue your good work!! As a distrohopper I have been using many distributions, but this one looks even better than the linux mint rc. A very good result for all the developers. A last question that bothers me if Mageia can grow until a rolling release. Needs not to be the same as for example PcLinuxOs, bur like Tumbleweed from Open Suse 11.4. A more smooth solution. If this can be achieved then I will be with Mageia forever!!

  4. byakuya says:

    Hi guys

    you better figure out something for Xorg issues .. because Im having Mageia Rc INSTALLED on my hard disc but cannot be used because everytime I boot into Mageia I just get a black screen with a very very low contrast , I can´t see anything .

    Keep up with the good work 🙂

    • wobo says:

      Well, without any detailed information we can not help you. Pls go to our forum ( http;// ) and describe your problems in detail with the needed information about your hardware. If this is really a bug then it should be reported to our Bugzilla, so the developpers can work on it.

      • byakuya says:

        Ok , I posted a topic in the forum with more detailed infos .. I hope i´ll get a solution 🙂

  5. Walter Prooff says:

    Hi everyone,
    I had been using Mandrake 10.1 (my first Linux os) for quite a long time and I was quite happy with it. But I gave up on later versions because of the quality of the distribution was diminishing with every new version (too many bugs on the dvds). So I switched to OpenSuse – yes, I know :<) that's why I then settled for Linux Mint. I will give a try to Mageia, although I fear I will be disappointed with it for you seem to follow – as I have read above – the same policy as you did formerly, that is releasing isos when it's time and not when it is READY, that is at least when the most basic bugs have been eliminated. Mageia is a fork of Mandriva, I hope you will not fork their weaknesses too.

    Maybe you will find this a bit hard, but it makes me angry to see what Mandrake has become – and other distributions too. From what I understand this is no commercial stuff, so please focus on quality 🙂

    Oh, one last thing: I have always wondered why a wider choice of apps or window manager was not available on the dvd. Why not provide a second dvd iso for those who do not need/want an internet connection? Even against some €€€s – well, not too much though 🙂

    I wish all Mageia team all the best for the future…


  6. Ghostdawg says:

    Is it out yet??? I’ve been looking for the final release ISO link but not finding any. I’ve been using Mageia since Beta 1 and really enjoying it. I hope all the hard work put into it continues and beyond!

    Keep up the good work Devs and all others involved, including the users/testers!

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