New release date for Mageia 3

After some thought and discussions it was decided to delay the Mageia 3 final release until the 18th of May.

We still have some release blocker bugs to fix, meaning bugs which cannot be fixed after release through updates. They are mainly to do with the installer, hardware detection and the installation media.

We could say “Mageia will be released when it’s ready” but we would look like a copycat 🙂

Packagers and QA team are on the case and doing all the hard work so that you have a great Mageia 3 release!

Thankyou for all your testing and bug reports! We are a community and you are an important part of it. You have helped to make Mageia. Feels good doesn’t it? If you would like to get more involved in making Mageia, please do so.  Take a look here for some ideas, there are all sorts of teams to join and you don’t need to be overly technical to get involved. You would be very welcome..

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34 Responses to New release date for Mageia 3

  1. Bob says:


    Keep the good work !

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  10. Creationn says:

    Sorry to hear about this, i hope all things move in to place for the new release date.

    Personally i use openSUSE with Gnome 3.6 but i must admit i want to try Mageia with Gnome too before Fedora since my past experiences with Fedora where kind of slow… 🙂

  11. Ma says:

    Happy year 2014 and Mageia 3! 😀 🙁

  12. Koos Uys says:

    As a happy Mageia user, I believe that you guys are on a winning recipe by rather sticking to get the bugs sorted than releasing a new version a few days earlier. Keep up the good work!

  13. Vasyl says:

    Do not get upset about it. It’s a reality. Well working RC3 is also a reality. You have all the rights to be proud of your work and your achievements. Two weeks is not a big deal!

  14. omul cu elice says:

    I second that.

    After years of trying various distros, I am “stuck” 😉 with Mageia, which although far from perfect, I consider it to be the best.

    I tried Mageia 3 beta and I am on RC now, and I consider it a big step forward.

    A bugfree (as much as possible) release is worth much more for both the users and the coders/packagers/managers/etc than the tap on the back from the press and the (fading) hype.

    Thank you for Mageia and keep up the good work!

  15. Levchenko Roman says:

    I cheer your decision. It looks seriously and answerable to users. Anyway, it is definitely much better than a lot of showy and absolute useless products we can see nowadays.
    Thanks for Mageia, and have the victory impossible of achievement with.

  16. Manuel says:

    Mandrake was my first Linux distro, then after the Mandriva-Mandrake name issue I switched to Debian, then Ubuntu, then Mint, God I even tried FreeBSD!. But now, after years of wondering around, I’m happy to fly back to my Linux roots…long live Mageia!

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  18. charles tulley says:

    I agree with the lovers, there is something about Mageia that makes me keep coming back. can’t wait for the new release

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  20. Dan says:

    Good things come to those who wait…
    I’m waiting and love the work so far.
    Thanks for all your dedication and many, many hours spent.

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  22. Manfred Prange says:

    I’m happy to wait, better to crush as many bugs as possible, rather than hoping you got all the important ones. I do have a question not sure where to ask. I have an old Mandriva 2010.2 system that I want to upgrade to Mageia. For various reasons a clean install is not possible at this time. Should I install 1, then 2, then 3… or go right to 3? Thank you!

    • obgr_seneca says:

      For those kinds of questions the forums are better suited then the comment section of the blog.
      But here a short answer:
      The way to go would be single upgrades, meaning from Mdv2010.2 to Mga1, then to Mga2 and then to Mga3, we do not support updates from Mdv2010.2 to any newer Mageia version and we do not support upgrades from Mga1 to Mga3, as Mga1 is EOL for some time now.


  23. Mike says:

    good work, I’m test the RC3 and working very well !

  24. able says:

    Whats the good word? Do we have a timeline for Mageia3 today?

  25. Winux2 says:

    Is the May 18th release date this year or next?
    Is it possible to have a stable rolling release, in order to avoid frequent OS upgrades?

  26. ShamballaJones says:

    Is the release likely to be today (the 19th)? Or will it have to be slipped out a few more days?

    Either way is fine. As some of the previous posters have said, you’re doing a great job and it’s worth a delay or two to produce as near a bug-free release as is possible.

    Having said that, an announcement as to the current situation would be appreciate – a lot of people are on the starting blocks waiting to press Mageia 3 into service.

    • trish says:

      We’re there – check it out! Mirrors should be pretty-well synced by now.

    • ShamballaJones says:

      Yay – It’s on the download page as of 07h15 today (19th)!

      Congratulations to all involved and many thanks for all you work.

      Happy, Happy, Happy – let the bitTorrents commence!

      Everyone who downloads 3 should consider making at least a small voluntary financial contribution to Mageia. (When I get paid on the 26th I’m going to do so )