Mageia abroad

This is the unavoidable sequel to “Mageia at the Berlin Linuxtag


rda, ennael and boklm in Berlin

The fair is over, people have gone back to their daily routines. Now, what did we take home at the end of the day?

1. Mageia

We showed the name “Mageia”. The visitors who came by were informed by our people at the booth and the text of a large poster. Questions were not so much about the technical side but rather in the area of who we are, what we are and (and not least) why we are. This was an initial introduction to the Germans and it was received nicely by those who asked. Something the German Mageia community can build upon during the time and the events to come.

2. Mageia Conference

We had the opportunity to introduce Mageia in detail by a conference held by ennael. There wasn’t a large crowd but we did not expect that anyway, there were too many conferences at the same time (more than 230 in 4 days!). Still, those 20 people in the audience were a start.

3. Experiences abroad

The Germans at the booth already knew the environment, for the 3 visitors from France (ennael, rda and boklm) it was an interesting experience because this German event is very different to what they were used to see at French events. Such experiences give you a broader perspective and I’d like to encourage the French and also others to go to such events in other countries (if possible) to see and learn. We may improve our understanding of our neighbours…

One of the most important benefits of this event was meeting face-to-face. We were able to discuss many things directly, especially people who are working very close together, like rda and obgr_seneca (for example). We can look forward to all the nice things they are planning!

4. The FUN!

Then there was the fun! We had a nice dinner on Friday night and there were also those moments of comic and fun during the days. I may give you an example:

A visitor came to our partner ( with whom we shared the booth. He was presented with the current Beta of Mandriva 2011 and then he asked our helpers about their opinion about the new menu style. They expressed their rather negative opinion, then the visitor presented his business card – he was a representative of RosaLabs, the company who invented this new menu style! 🙂

5. The T-Shirts

When looking at the pictures (see next paragraph) you will recognize we offered black and white Mageia T-shirts. These T-shirts are special – they are the T-shirts made for our first official appearance at FOSDEM 2011 and you will never again have the chance to get one of them!

Now you can!

We offer black and white T-shirts, all sizes. German orders please contact wobo AT mageia DOT org (price in Germany will be 10 Euros including shipping).
For international orders people in Paris will soon set up a way to facilitate purchasing those T-shirts.

6. Pictures

We took some pictures and I will upload them to the Mageia gallery in facebook ASAP. Please stay tuned for the URL (will post it in a comment to this blog). For those who understand German I will post a URL to an internet radio interview where wobo talks about Mageia.


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12 Responses to Mageia abroad

  1. isadora says:

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Pingback: Mageia no estrangeiro | Mageia Blog (Português)

  3. wobo says:

    Second batch of pics arrived 🙂

  4. isadora says:

    Vielen dank Wobo!!!

    Very nice to see some new faces, from whom the names were already familiar for many years.

  5. wobo says:

    The slides of the Mageia conference are available as PDF:

  6. Romain says:

    I am sooo late answering this. But yes, that was really great, on so many aspects wobo already explained so well. That was an experience.

    Thank you so much wobo and obgr for the warm welcome. We need more and more such in situ meetings.

    • wobo says:

      Yes, we should try to find an event in automn, so that we have spring meeting at Fosdem, summer meeting in Berlin and automn meeting in ??? (the carribean islands come to my mind).

    • boklm says:

      Yes, that was nice 🙂

  7. Marcello says:

    you disappointed me, the system that you hosted in the stand was mandriva!!!! argh!! : P


    • wobo says:

      No. It was a shared booth for Mageia.Org and, as has been said in the blog post. The Mageia machines (in the left part of the booth) showed Mageia, the machines (in the right part of the booth) showed Mandriva Linux. Look at the pictures closely.

  8. Mona says:

    Thank you for saving my desktop computer 🙂 I just accidentally trashed my Ubuntu workstation today and as I was fed up with Ubuntu for quite some time now for several reasons, I thought it was time for something new. I already tested Mageia in a VirtualBox and it reminded me on my first steps with Linux (Mandriva 7 something) 10 years ago (which were exciting), and so I decided to install it on my Lenovo M55, which serves as my mediacenter (I currently run Gentoo on my main computer, a Lenovo T61 notebook). What can I say: I expected a solid installation but also some work to do, cause I use a complicated alsa upmix setup by default and was expecting to be forced to build my own alsa packages (as I’m used to with Ubuntu). I was totally blown away by the simple fact, that my .asoundrc runs flawlessly without having to recompile alsalibs. Wow! Thanks 🙂 You saved me some work to find out how to produce my own rpms, cause it simply wasn’t necessary 🙂 Please: never ever change the compile flags for the alsa packages 😉
    Should I ever accidentally trash my Gentoo system, you can be assured, that I will install Mageia on it 😉 Thanks so much and keep up the good work!
    PS: I just donated 🙂