Mageia at LSM

rmllenAs part of our European Tour, Mageia will be attending LSM (or RMLL in French), the 14th Libre Software Meeting to be held in Brussels from July 6th-11th at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

We plan to have our first Mageia Days at LSM – days when Mageia people can get together, to talk and plan and discover Mageia together. To help that happen, Mageia will have a Dev Room at LSM. We will be the only distro organisation to have a dev room!

The LSM is an event organized by volunteers, but they still need to cover some costs to be able to organize this kind of event, and as the entrance is free they rely on donations for this. Mageia Council has agreed to donate €500 to LSM in exchange for the use of the room and its facilities.

Make sure you take the opportunity to meet other Mageia people face to face! To help us know how many people will be there, you can add your name to the wiki page.

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