Join the Blog Team (translate, post, moderate, …)

Hello boys and girls,

As you know, we are working on the localization of the Mageia Blog.
I’m looking for volunteers to join the Blog Team (BT).

What is the role of the Blog Team?
– Manage blogs ;
– Manage comments (moderate, validate…) ;
– Publish content (in coordination with the BT, the Communication Team and the other related teams) ;
– Translate content from the EN blog ;
– Spread the birth of the localized blogs ;
– Inform the project and needed people about important comments or remarks in the threads of a blog.

I will soon publish a wiki entry about the rules of the BT and the process to follow for each tasks asked.

For the moment, the blogs are: de/ es/ fr/ it/ pt_br/ ru/ (and “en” by default).
If you want to see a new language or locale, just answer by posting a comment on this thread to ask/propose a new one. Beware, if you ask for a new one, you will be in charge of it!

To summarize, we need translators and moderators for each blog.
So, let’s go to apply. 🙂

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17 Responses to Join the Blog Team (translate, post, moderate, …)

  1. I take responsibility for translating to pt_br. I had done the translation of the page


  2. Mo'men says:

    would be happy to join mageia blogging team , I can manage, translate and moderate the Arabic version of the blog

  3. mtw says:

    I can translate and manage Polish version of blog.

  4. fri says:

    I´ve already added my name to the list with volonteers for translation issues of Mageia, so now I am ready just for translating – and I suppose, that this is that case: let´s start inform people in Czech language. Hopefully other people would join to proceed with suggested moderation task.

    So I would like to ask for starting Czech version of blog – code: “cs”.

  5. Akien says:

    I would be glad to join the BT to help with the French blog.
    I can translate content, manage comments and spread pertinent comments on IRC and the ML.

    As of now, I couldn’t publish new content for my involvement in the project just begins.

  6. zieduz says:


    i would like to participate.


  7. I want to participate on the spanish translations. Please contact me.

  8. killer1987 says:

    as i already said in the ML, i can manage the italian version (other volunteers are welcome!)


  9. Total says:

    Hi! Would be happy to join mageia blogging team , I can manage, translate and moderate the Russian version of the blog

    // Буду рад вступить в блог-команду Mageia, я могу управлять, переводить и модерировать русскую версию блога.

  10. Rafister says:

    I can help you with moderate, manage blogs and comments in Russian part of Blog Team.

  11. tomaja says:

    Hi all !
    I`m ready to manage, translate and moderate serbian version of blog, as well as other Mageia translation projects. Serbian code is: rs


  12. wobo says:

    I’ll work on German pages. We will establish an internal team for German

  13. Dreamtrip says:

    I could handle the India blog which would be a more local group effort rather than a matter of translation.
    Am open to ideas in this regard as to whether a channel of information can also be a volunteer 🙂
    It’s fun to be part of a new distro’s team.

  14. Sergi Serra says:

    I could help with a Catalan version of the blog.

  15. emka says:

    i’m ready to manage and moderate the Indonesian blog versions. the other Indonesian will be join a.s.a.p :D. the Indonesian code is: id.


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  17. dglent says:

    I will take care of the greek translation of the blog. What i need to do (for access password)?