New development release name has been chosen, Cauldron!

Since we’re starting with a new base, a brand new name for the development release in Mageia needed to be found.

This was one of the – many – tasks that needed to be done to get Mageia going (although admittedly one of the fun tasks :)). Olivier Thauvin, aka Nanar, accepted to take on this task and things started rolling when he posted a new thread in the mageia-discuss mailing list, with a couple of initially proposed names. Of course, brainstorming ensued between the community members (in one really long thread). After gathering enough ideas / name proposals, a doodle poll was conducted. The poll ended on Friday 24th of September and the winner is Cauldron.

In Mandriva the development release was named Cooker. The development release of Mageia will be, like Cooker, a rolling distro. The idea here is that any new packages go into the development release first, where they’re tested and any bugs found in them are fixed; then when the development cycle nears its end the repositories are frozen in preparation for pushing a new stable release (after that the development distro starts again). Of course it’s not recommended to run development releases on day-to-day production machines as, by its very nature, it’s unstable and prone to break. Things tend to break quite a good number of times in development releases however they get fixed pretty fast too, so if you like living on the cutting edge don’t hesitate to join forces with those brave souls who’ll be testing Cauldron; the more the testers the better the stable release that’ll follow as more bugs will get squashed this way.

Hopefully stuff will be bubbling in Cauldron soon 🙂

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10 Responses to New development release name has been chosen, Cauldron!

  1. Aurélien says:

    Yeah, that was my proposition ! To me fame, glory and celebrity ! 😉

  2. Fatguy says:

    Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!

  3. digiton says:

    Thank You so much! As soon as you have a powerpack distribution on CD i’ll buy one.

    • rickst29 says:


      I am not involved with Mageia in any significant way (I’m just an old Mandriva user.) But I know that it’s very inefficient and costly for an organization to create and sell “packaged” software.

      When an “Official” Distribution is Released, created, I think that it would be smarter for Mageia to offer everything which they can, along with “Official” instructions which tell how to acquire software which can’t be distributed/re-distributed without individual licenses.

      If you live in a place without high-speed Internet, people like me will offer to burn (and verify!!) the DVDs, and then send them to you. You should then do the same for others in your part of the world.

      From me personally, that’s a promise. :)) I WILL send up to 50 packages in this manner.

  4. madpuppy says:

    Looking forward to what a new and interesting things you will be doing that go beyond what Mandriva wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do because of corporate interference.

    To me this is very exciting, I have been a mandrake/mandriva user since Festen 5.3 and am excited of the possibilities and new paradigm’s the dedicated Mageia community will bring to the table.

    looking forward to being a Mageia user!

  5. Good choice. Congratulations!

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