Weekly roundup 2017 – week 27


The last Council meeting on Tuesday was focused around the go/no go on releasing Mageia 6, rather unsurprisingly. While there was lots of discussion about blockers and update paths, one issue that stood out was ISO size. It is getting increasingly hard to keep the ISOs under the 4Gb barrier for USB sticks – DVDs tend to be less of a problem as their 4Gb tends to be around 4.3Gb, while the 4Gb USB sticks can be as low as 3.7Gb depending on how it’s counted. To avoid this issue, the size limit for USB sticks was lifted but kept for DVDs, this allowed the target of making the final ISOs for the release this weekend to be set, with the full release freeze going into effect before they are built. Note that the ISO builders already managed to strip some MB of them so the size limit issue will be less likely to appear.

On Thursday, mageia-release-6-1.mga6 landed on the mirrors with the official switch from “Mageia 6 (Cauldron)” to “Mageia 6 (Official)”. This has caused a knock on effect requiring some large rebuilds, and a signal that Cauldron is coming to a close for the Mageia 6 cycle, and will reopen again for Mageia 7. Some repository cleanups were done to make sure all packages have properly been rebuilt for Mageia 6 (some nonfree packages had been forgotten during the mass rebuild), and that packages which are both in Core and Tainted (such as FFmpeg) have the exact same version and release.

This morning, the full freeze landed, Cauldron has become Mageia 6 and assuming no bugs are found in the final ISOs, the release should happen in the coming days.

With all of that said, there were still plenty of updates aside from the rebuilds to pull in the final translations, here are a few:

  • dnf 2.5.1
  • krusader 2.6.0
  • mariadb 10.1.24
  • naev 0.7.0
  • panda3d 1.9.4 (new package)
  • wine 2.0.1 (stable, with staging patches disabled)

Mageia 5

Even with everything going into the release for Mageia 6, there have been plenty of updates for Mageia 5, here are a few of the larger ones:

  • thunderbird 52.2.1 – fixes some issues with Gmail folders
  • enigmail 1.9.7 – see thunderbird update
  • bitlbee 3.2.2-4.1 – CVE fixes
  • ffcall 1.13 and clisp 2.49-11.1 – security fix
  • libff- 3.1-4.1 – CVE fix
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24 Responses to Weekly roundup 2017 – week 27

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  2. Garthhh says:

    will there be a dual arch version?
    will it be smaller, say cd size?
    I really just need a minimal install that will let me save the home partition & connect to mcc
    from there I can pick a meta package without all the KDE or Gnome clutter

    • Donald Stewart says:

      You can achieve that by using the classical installer, or, if you don’t want the extra download, the network install will work for that.

      The dual arch cd has been dropped, it was becoming almost impossible to fit the needed packages on to it to provide a useful installation medium, and as its functionality can be achieved with the classical installer and the network installer, the work that it would have needed didn’t seem worth it

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  4. RagingRaven says:

    Good job guys, can’t wait for the ISO’s to drop 😉

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  6. Have tested rc1 for mag 6 and works like a charm. Congratulations folks, the magic is here once more !

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  8. Standing Bear says:

    Would like the new release to enable HULU at least on firefox or better yet on Konqeror

  9. Luis Menina says:

    Be careful with the units: lowercase ‘b’ is for bits, uppercase ‘B’ is for bytes. So 4Gb and 4GB are two different things. That’s been the case for almost 20 years, since the binary prefixes have made it in the International System of Units. Storage devices sizes have been expressed in powers of 10 for years, but DVDs are old enough that they have a size of 4GiB and not 4GB. Some computer programs still use powers of 2 to report the values, which leads to confusion. To differentiate between then, the binary prefixes use a lowercase ‘i’.

    1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes
    1GiB = 1,024 × 1,024 × 1,024 bytes = 1,073,741,824 bytes

    Let’s see how many gibibytes (GiB) there is in our 4 gigabytes (GB) USB key:
    4,000,000,000 / (1,024 × 1,024 × 1,024) ≃ 3.73 GiB

    The storage limit on single side, single layer DVDs is around 4.37 GiB: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD#Capacity
    That’s around 17% more bytes on a 4.37 GiB DVD than on a 3.73 GiB USB key, so units matter !

    Read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octet_%28computing%29#Unit_multiples for more information

    • Donald Stewart says:

      Which is exactly the point that was made here – the size of USB sticks and DVD’s aren’t the same, whether it is 4 GiB or Gb, in this case, is pretty irrelevant.

      The point here isn’t about USB or DVD sizes, but about the ISO size limit.

  10. orondf343 says:

    Any chance version 6 release will work on Ryzen? (I’m referring to the IRQ trap issue with the kernel)

    • Donald Stewart says:

      As far as I know, it should have full Ryzen support already, I know that there have been successful tests on at least an 1800 and 1700, but I will check with the kernel maintainer – perhaps bringing this issue to the dev ml would get you a better answer.

    • tmb says:

      Yes it works, I added the fix in:
      * Fri Jun 23 2017 tmb 4.9.34-2.mga6
      + Revision: 1108231
      – pinctrl/amd: Use regular interrupt instead of chained

      • orondf343 says:

        Great! Is there any way to install Mageia 6 with the new update or do I have to wait for release?

        • Donald Stewart says:

          To install on a full ISO you will need to wait, or if you chroot into the installed system, you will be able to update it that way.

          You could also use a network install to either upgrade or overwrite the existing install, that should get you a working system, or at least a system running the current kernel.

  11. Nova-Space says:

    Does Mageia 6 also contain RADV ?

    • dusan says:

      RADV is not present but “lib64vulkan_radeon – Mesa vulkan driver for Radeon GPU” there´s

  12. Syl says:

    Let’s be clear friends: this release is shit.

    I updated from Mageia 5. Result: nothing works, black screen on boot. Do you know what QA means ? And you took more than 2 years to release shit like this ?

    I really wanted a french linux, but I’m moving to fedora because there is no other choice, I need my computer to work.

  13. morgano says:

    Dear Syl,
    I know how frustrating that feel. Sorry to see you go, but Fedora is also a good distro and kind of a brother to Mageia.

    It may have been just a simple detail we could have helped you with if you had asked in forum or mailing list so you did not need to reinstall, but: your choice… The upgrade from Mageia 5 to 6 is unusually hard especially if you use KDE->Plasma, and Nvidia graphics, and there are known methods. Probably similar upgrade problem in every distro in similar case… But a fresh install of any distro (including Mageia 6) will probably work out right for you 🙂

  14. lewyssmith says:

    In reply to Syl
    Your comment is really over the top. Yes, we do have QA (I am not sure that all distributions do); and trying upgrades was part of that for Mageia 6. One expert person did many extensive test upgrades, hitting a lot of problems which led to a ‘this should work’ method: “I am sure that the procedures would work for 99% of the users who hit a conflict during 5 to 6 upgrades and I would recommend that it be used for anyone upgrading to Mga6.” See below for pointer.

    Did you back up your starting system to be able to restore it? Did you heed the comments in
    “Upgrade issues” sections ‘General points’ and ‘Advice for complex upgrades’? Did you ask on the forum? If you did these various things, your ire about failure to upgrade has some grounds. If you did not…
    Mageia 5-6 upgrades from KDE to Plasma and those involving some nVidia graphics, were always problematic; but post-upgrade problems were rarely insurmountable.

    If a new install proves necessary, then why not Mageia 6? You did not say whether you tried it. To call it ‘shit’ is silly. What other distribution offers so many desktops out of the box? I came to Mageia (also liking its French origins) after trying other major distributions, Fedora (-> Korora) included. My other preferred distribution, LMDE, did not offer upgrade from its original to its subsequent version. Upgrades are always iffy; Mageia is no worse than others in this area.