Weekly roundup 2017 – Week 51

So, it’s Week 51, so of course it’s the festive holiday season! We wish all Mageians everywhere the very best of all things for the holidays, whichever way you celebrate them.

We’ll get to the new year in next week’s roundup!

In the last week, the developers and the Q&A folks have been sending through a steady stream of updates. Wow, they’ve worked hard. As always, you can check Mageia Advisories  and the Mageia AppDB  to get a notion of what they’ve been up to; and PkgSubmit  to see the last 48 hours.

Another interesting way to keep track of what’s happening is Bugzilla. On the Home page you’ll find some links at the bottom left, so you can look at recent bugs and changes – the last day or the last 7 days:

There are also RSS feeds, if you like that kind of thing.

One thing that’s still happening is that distrib-coffee is still out of service; the festive season might have something to do with that. Check out the Infrastructure bug here.

Again, warm good wishes from all at Mageia to all Mageians, all over the world.

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5 Responses to Weekly roundup 2017 – Week 51

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  4. WTZ says:

    The staff of UPMC (where distrib-coffee is located) is on vacance. I’m afraid there’s no hope of seeing this mirror server again until January 8.

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