Issues with the Grand Update?

Most of us will have updated our systems by now, and most of the updates have been as smooth as silk. But! So far there have been two reports of problems with the Grand Update, both caused by having 32-bit libraries installed on a 64-bit system:

The workaround for both is to uninstall the 32-bit library to allow the update to proceed – in these particular cases, libkf5jobwidgets5 and libkf5completion5.

This should not be needed, as 32-bit libraries should be able to co-exist on a 64 bit install, as they may be needed for third party applications.

Bug 23016 has been reopened to study this a bit more. For now, we’re watching for reports, and giving you the workaround of uninstalling the 32 bit library.

It’s not that 32-bit isn’t able to mix with 64-bit in all cases, just in some, where there are files in the lib package that should be in a different (non-arch specific) package. In these two cases, it’s the /usr/share/locale/ files are in both the 32 and 64 bit packages, with identical names and paths.

The rpm package manager allows a file to be owned by more than one package, provided the attributes are identical, but it blocks updating with a new version, since it’s trying to update one of the packages, but until the other version is updated too, there is a conflict. We’re keeping a watch-out for these packaging errors.

It’s possible that if you’ve used DNF to do the update, rather than urpmi, you won’t have this problem; as we gather more information, we’ll add it to roundups in the coming weeks.

While all this Grand stuff has been happening, we’ve also been doing plenty of the usual things, including over 300 packages into Cauldron.

Security fixes

For both Mageia 5 and 6:

  • qpdf
  • afflib

For Mageia 6 only:

  • converseen, cuneiform-linux, dvdauthor, emacs, imagemagick, inkscape, k3d, kxstitch, libopenshot, ocaml-glmlite, perl-Image-SubImageFind, pfstools, php-imagick, php-magickwand, psiconv, pythonmagick, ruby-rmagick, synfig, vdr-plugin-skinelchi, vdr-plugin-skinenigmang
  • qt3d5, qtbase5, qtcanvas3d5, qtcharts5, qtconnectivity5, qtdatavis3d5, qtdeclarative5, qtdoc5, qtgamepad5, qtgraphicaleffects5, qtimageformats5, qtlocation5, qtmultimedia5, qtnetworkauth5, qtpurchasing5, qtquickcontrols25, qtquickcontrols5, qtremoteobjects5, qtscript5, qtscxml5, qtsensors5, qtserialbus5, qtserialport5, qtspeech5, qtsvg5, qttools5, qttranslations5, qtvirtualkeyboard5, qtwayland5, qtwebchannel5, qtwebengine5, qtwebsockets5, qtwebview5, qtx11extras5, qtxmlpatterns5
  • graphicsmagick
  • nextcloud

Catch up with it all at the usual places: Mageia Advisories, the Mageia AppDBPkgSubmit to see the last 48 hours, and Bugzilla to see what’s currently happening.

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13 Responses to Issues with the Grand Update?

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  3. JanKusanagi says:

    A few days ago I upgraded a Mageia 6 VM with no issues (I run Cauldron on my machine).

    Today I upgraded an actual Mageia 6 laptop, also with no issues.

    Great job! Cheers!

    • Jan says:

      Mageia is a great OS. Things are not perfect. You are ridiculously rude.

      You should have read the very basic instructions to upgrade safely.

    • Jan says:

      Also, who goes to upgrade their computer when they have “important work to do”??

      Common sense, sounds familiar?

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  6. Jan says:

    It’s been *very* solid here for ~8 years.

  7. Stranostofo says:

    When will you publish Mageia 6.1?

  8. Sphinx says:

    No issue for me. Works great. Good job all!

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  10. fred says:

    I did a fresh install of 64 bit Mageia 6 on a HP i5-3570. After I did the updates the system was completely hosed. It booted slow. logged in slow, and the suspend shutdown and restart disappeared from the menu. I had to start over. If I deselected the 32 bit update sources before doing the updates everything turned out fine. Something in the 32 bit updates is messed up.