Time to Make Mageia 9 Beautiful – The Artwork Drop is Open

As with every release, the artwork for Mageia 9 will come from you, the great community that supports and makes Mageia possible. The Development of Mageia 9 is progressing quickly, with many major updates and key features getting ready for testing and release. With this progress, it’s time to get the artwork ready for release. As in previous years, we’re looking for your contributions and ideas, but not just images and photos – if you have icons and logos, or ideas on how login screens or animations should look, then it’s time to discuss or show them off.

Image credit XKCD

We will typically choose a digital abstract piece using the colours of the Mageia logo for the signature background. It should be easily cropped to different aspect ratios without losing the feel of the image and have a resolution of at least 3,200 by 2,400px, to accommodate a wide variety of monitors. Alternative background and screensavers have less restrictive guidelines, so if you feel like flexing your creativity, we’d love to see what you come up with.

The contest begins on the 4th of August 2022 and will run until the 25th of August 2022, Mageia will provide 1 official background, 10 additional backgrounds and all the other bits we do to make Mageia look great. If you’d like to participate, it’s easy:
Please submit your work to the Mageia 9 artwork drop. You also have the option to send a link to the Atelier mailing list. The Atelier team will choose 10 backgrounds from different contributors to be included in the “additional backgrounds”.


  • minimal size: 3,200×2,400 px for images, preferably SVG for icons
  • no borders
  • no text inside: the Mageia logo may be placed for show, but will need to be removable
  • scalable or croppable for all possible aspect ratios: 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 etc.
  • License: CC By SA 3.0 or later

Please also have a look here for more information about things you have to watch out for or to see previous Mageia wallpapers. Some screensavers and the Mageia 8 background are uploaded on the artwork drop for reference.
Photos will be considered for screensavers and additional backgrounds, provided no recognisable people are visible. Please avoid copyrighted artwork, unless you own the copyright and agree to the CC By SA 3.0 license.
All the work needs to be original with the source files (SVG, xcf, etc) available and within Mageia’s artwork guidelines. Please upload a png or similar as they are much easier for previewing. We hope that these guidelines will make everything clear and help you to make something that will make Mageia look great.
The guidelines cover the Official Mageia Logo, colour scheme, website motif, fonts, wallpaper and other elements. The Mageia official logo is also covered by our Trademark Policy.
Take a moment to learn the rules, then, jump in and create with us!

Final choice
The Mageia council will choose the final winners and they will be announced on the Mageia blog.

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So you are not good enough to contribute?

This blog post is especially written for those among us who could free up some time to contribute, but refrain from doing so because they think they are not good enough.
The last section is for former and current packaging apprentice candidates, who did get the impression that we think they are not good enough.

Change your perspective

Is this post going to say that everyone is good enough?

No. Only that you do not need to be good enough. Not a single one of us is, we all have gaps in our knowledge, we all have missing talents. Yet Mageia is still there, since over a decade. Why? Because, by bundling our very different skills and talents and by bundling our available time, Mageia became good as a whole.

But, if Mageia is good, then there is no need for new contributors. Never change a winning team!

Well, this team is continually changing without us pushing for a change:
First of all, we do not have eternal life. We have had several great contributors leave this world for good. Like Marek Laane last year. He was a very helpful member of the Internationalisation and Localisation Team and helped Documentation Team too.
Secondly, contributors can cease to have time. That can be caused by work, family, health, study and other circumstances. It just happens often.
Thirdly, the task of a contributor can change. For instance when someone sees she is more needed elsewhere in our project.

Apart from all that, many hands make light work 🙂

But, whichever company is behind Mageia can hire more people, why would I help without getting paid?

There is no company behind Mageia. Mageia is a community of volunteers who make a Linux distribution. There is no division between the community members who create Mageia and those who use it, we’re all Mageians and expected to contribute if, how and when we can. It is very rewarding to help, though. Mageia is a fascinating project with people from all over the world. Contributors usually learn a lot from contributing and get to know many nice people.

So, those who do not contribute are not allowed to install and use Mageia?

No, everybody is free to use it. If you use it but are unable to contribute, then you are still one of us, still a Mageian and member of our community. Besides, you may already have started to contribute without being aware, for instance by showing and telling others that you use Mageia.

But I am not French and not even European

Even if Mageia lives in France, you are welcome regardless of where you live or what your nationality is. We do not need to see your passport. You can contribute incognito, if you prefer, or choose a name from a different country than yours. We only need to know who you really are, if you become a member of our Board.

I am totally new to Mageia and know nothing about Linux

You have a very special, much needed skill: when reading our documentation, you will read what it really says. You will spot things that are unclear or do not work as described. Please register with Mageia and file a bug report about every such issue, or become a member of Documentation Team.
Experienced Mageians are often incapable of noticing errors or gaps in our documentation, because we fail to read as if it is completely new to us.

I have no doubts about my talents, but you seem to have doubts. I volunteered to become a packager, but no one offered to mentor me

Yes, that happens too often. Many of our potential mentors are overloaded. In general: many contributors see less than half the mails and other messages they would like to see, let alone find time to read them. So this is likely a problem in more teams.
It would be great if you would persevere. For instance, read the documentation about packaging and then find a bug in Bugzilla that you could fix. Attach your suggested patch to it and write dev ml a mail with “[Mentoring]” at the beginning of the subject, informing about your patch for that bug and asking for someone to review it.
Another option is to contribute in different ways first. For instance, Atelier Team could really use more contributors now. You would not feel alone there: its new leader joselp would very much like to become a packager, too.

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[SOLVED] Most of our servers can not be reached since some hours ago.

Due to a problem in the Data Center where most of mageia.org is hosted, most of our website (like forums, wiki and bugzilla) cannot be reached since some hours ago.

This affects more clients than just Mageia. Data Center staff members are working hard to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Edit: the problem is solved, the servers are back 🙂

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Changed IBAN

Mageia switched to a different bank and has a new International Bank Account Number (IBAN) now.

If you want to transfer money to Mageia, please do not use the IBAN of the old account. Ask our treasurer (treasurer*at*mageia*dot*org) for the new number instead.

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PwnKit (polkit’s pkexec exploit) – CVE-2021-4034

The update fixing the issue for Mageia 8 was released Wed, 26 Jan 2022 10:31 UTC (05:31 EST).

For anyone still running Mageia 7 (or older releases), the recommendation is …

As root run “chmod 0755 /usr/bin/pkexec”.
That will mean pkexec doesn’t work anymore. Running things like rpmdrake as a
regular user will not work. You must use an alternative approach to get root
privileges (open a terminal, use “su -” and then run rpmdrake or use sudo rpmdrake
if you’ve configured sudo).

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