Mageia 3 features: process and choice

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As said in a previous post, people are now back to work, focused on Mageia 3 release. So it was time again to define the specifications for the coming release. We then thought it was time to improve the process used for Mageia 2:

  • the list of submitted specifications was very long and we only implemented a few of them,
  • lots of submitted ideas were just undefined or were missing a lot of information,
  • some submitted specifications were not really specifications like “update to xxx version” for minor packages,
  • we got some kind of catalog of items without logic,
  • and many of them were proposed without any resources.
So we decided to setup a different process and improve things. We first had a look on the other distributions to see how it was handled. We were finally inspired by Fedora

Mageia has now its own Features policy. It defines what is a feature, how it can be proposed, and what criteria are used to choose the official one for coming releases.

The process is the following:

  • make proposals for Mageia 3 after reading the policy. People had to use a template to formalize it,
  • all the proposals were then read and sorted. All the contributers were asked to complete it if necessary or discuss it on mageia-dev mailing-list,
  • final choice was made.

We finally proposed a list divided into 4 kinds of features:

  • Accepted features: now fully described and will be followed in teams meeting,
  • Pending features: may be implemented but for now we miss resources information,
  • Features to be detailed: need to be completed,
  • Refused features: refused for various reasons: discussions already in progress, duplicated features, …

Let see now first results of the implementation of these features in first alpha release planned for 4th of september!

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20 Responses to Mageia 3 features: process and choice

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  2. Keith says:

    My only request would be to use the year instead of the version number. There are so many distros and remembering which is the latest version of each is difficult. However, most of us know what year it is.

    • Chistina says:

      I totally agree with him. I also would like that in case of more than one version in a year, each could be distinguished with a season, like the legendary Yggdrasil and the Mandriva.

      • obgr_seneca says:

        We had a long discussion about the release cycle and we decided upon 9 months.
        But this is only a rough plan, if we need more time, we need more time…

        And why would you want more then that? Bleeding edge junkies do mostly use rolling releases like our development version Cauldron or like Arch.

    • 愛星星 says:

      Mi opinias, ke tio ne estas konfuzema. Memklare Mageia 3 estas pli nova versio ol Mageia 2. Se vi vere interesiĝas pri kompari du Linux-distribuojn, vizitu la retejojn. Tio ne estas malfacila fari, ĉu ne?

      I don’t find it confusing. It’s evident that Mageia 3 is going to be a newer version than Mageia 2. If you are interested in comparing between two distributions, check their websites. It’s isn’t that complicated, isn’t it?

  3. the only thing i need from the 3.0 is a working mobile broadband modem and a working wi-fi connection please make sure it works from the beggining not like the disastrous 2.0

    • obgr_seneca says:

      That depends on enough people testing during beta pahse.
      If no one with such a device is testing the betas, we won’t know about the problems.

      • Joe says:

        I have to agree with this.

        If you are pro-active, and help debug the Beta’s, you have a high chance of fixing the problems you are encountering. All the computers I have run into problems with in past versions of Mandriva and now Mageia, are now running much, much, better in that they work well, and they also tend to work well on the next version release as well (since the fixes tend to get copied up too).

        The amount of time you spend trying a Beta is worth the effort later when a release version is made, because it tends to help you, AND it also helps other people with similar machines like your own (because your fix also fixes their problems too).

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  5. Zx80Man says:

    I like the concept and your ui is very clean & easy to read.
    The installation and update time with a lot of reboots just reminds me of windoze.
    With only two releases out there, and such high ratings via distrowatch, I can only think I may have been too quick to judge version 2 (kde). I will give it another spin.
    Question: witch is the most popular flavour? I have only tried the kde so far.
    Thanks for all the many hours of hard work. Your open policy appears second to none. I would also agree with the above suggestion, “to use the year instead of the version number”.

  6. dr0 says:

    install was good for me it wasnt super fast but kde install never really is though and i always use kde so im used to it..i agree with using the year of the release instead of single digits..but i would like better/polished artwork with the bootloader and stuff but thats minor really because the artwork isn’t bad at all but mandriva had good artwork…

  7. try says:


    The Mageia Forum seems to be down.

    Is there an explanation about what happened, when will it be working again given somewhere on your sites/twitter/FB,etc?

    When will it be up?

    Thank you.

    • boklm says:

      There was a temporary problem with the servers, but it should be working again now.

      • try says:

        🙂 Yes, it’s working now.
        Thanks for the reply.

        Also, it would be nice if next time it goes down, there is a tweet with the info about when it’s expected to be working again.
        Thank you.

  8. shrinivas says:

    Instead of focussing on KDE or Gnome (both bloated), I wish you would focus more on XFCE or even Enlightenment for your next Mageia 3 !

    • Asha says:

      I agree with this one. I think KDE need more resources, and i hope i can install Mageia3 on my old machine.

  9. Iosu says:

    Hola! soy nuevo con mageia, y me parece un buen sistema, necesito saber de informacion sobre este sistema, como documentación etc… le agradecía de antemano…

  10. JonnyB says:

    My sole hope for Mageia is that there be some effort in keeping Calligra up to date.

    I vastly prefer its UI, document mixability, and its focus on frames and styles to the dated MSO knockoffs of LO and OOo. If I send a document to an MSO user in ODF and they can’t open it, I figure they can call MS’ helpdesk. If I’m feeling kind I tell them to install LO themselves.

    Not saying that LO should be replaced, just that Calligra should be kept up to date. More mature apps are fine with simple bugfix and security updates, but these days the development improvements in Calligra have been quite important and frequent.

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