Weekly Roundup 2017 – Week 49

Week 49; three weeks left in 2017, and lots of things happening!

A hearty shout-out to our Translation team; advisory emails come through every day about translation updates to our many languages – on the wiki, on the blog and in the packages. Our thanks to all these wonderful hard-working folks!

Although the developers haven’t repeated their meeting marathon of last week – three hours! – they’re still working on getting everything lined up for Mageia 7. Between them and the QA team, the list of updates in the last week has been very impressive; 59 updates into Cauldron just this morning. As always, check the AppDB for a full list by version. Some interesting updates in the past week – as always, check Mageia Advisories for package details and CVEs.


firefox, firefox-l10n – Mga5, Mga66
optipng – Mga5, Mga6
ffmpeg – Mga6
wireshark – Mga6
tor – Mga5, Mga6
libxcursor – Mga5, Mga6
libxfont, libxfont2 – Mga5, Mga6

Bugfix (all for Mga6):

etl, synfig, synfigstudio

In the flood of updates coming through for Cauldron – over 270 in the last 7 days – there has been a variety of Perl and Python packages, plus lots of kernel-related stuff; gcc and its packages are now at 7.2.2; a bunch of video driver libraries… way too many to list here.

A huge thank you to our devs and QA folk!

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Weekly roundup 2017 – Week 48

There’s lots of work still going on behind the scenes – wide-awake folks have noticed that Kernel 4.14.3 has made its way into Cauldron, along with loads of other goodies; the commits mailing list has been very active!

The devteam folks had a huge long meeting during the week to begin nailing down plans and features for Mageia 7; check out the meeting logs. Lots of stuff will continue to be discussed and refined for a while yet, but the process is well begun.

Here’s a selection of the additions and updates to Cauldron during the week:


There are also several perl and php packages – check out the full list. It’s also good to know what the QA team has in the pipeline – check it out on the AppDB. You’ll see updates being tested, updates ready to be pushed, and then there’s the backports.

Security and bugfix advisories are always available online; check out the Advisories site for CVEs on the security updates, as well as info on the bugfix updates. Here’s the list for the past week.

drakxtools (bugfix) – Mga 6
gnucash (bugfix) – Mga 6
nvidia-current, ldetect-lst (bugfix) – Mga 5, 6
php-ssh2 (bugfix) – Mga 5, 6
xdg-utils (bugfix) – Mga 6
apr-util (security) – Mga 5, 6
bchunk (security) – Mga 5, 6
botan (security) – Mga 5, 6
chromium-browser-stable (security) – Mga 6
ghostscript (security) – Mga 5, 6
krb5 (security) – Mga 5, 6
libtiff (security) – Mga 5, 6
mediawiki (security) – Mga 6
postgresql9.3, postgresql9.4, postgresql9.6 (security) – Mga 5, 6
sssd (security) – Mga 6
thunderbird, thunderbird-l10n (security) – Mga 5, 6
vlc (security) – Mga 5
webkit2 (security) – Mga 6

Onward and upward…

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Weekly Roundup 2017 – Week 47

Schultz is flat out this week, so apologies if the content of this roundup is a little sparse. I’ll do better in future!

Behind the scenes in Mageia land:

Packagers and QA are seriously busy people – so busy that they haven’t recorded an actual meeting for many months, but they’re likely to have one this week while they polish up the specs for Mageia 7. Look for updates in coming roundups. Meanwhile, much work is going on testing and validating Kernel 4.14; if that works out well enough, and the problems with the update process from Mageia 5 to Mageia 6 are ironed out, there’s a possibility we might have a Mageia 6.1 release. No promises! but watch this space.

While all that’s happening, the updates and additions are coming on in great big chunks:

* LibreOffice
* thunderbird 52.5.0 (cauldron + mga5 & mga6 testing) ,
* kernel 4.14.2 (cauldron + mga6 testing),
* virtualbox 5.2.2 (cauldron + mga6 testing),
* cinnamon 3.6.6 (cauldron),
* ocaml 4.06.0 (cauldron + update/rebuild of all ocaml stack),
* alsa 1.1.5 (cauldron),
* supertuxkart 0.9.3 (cauldron + mga6 testing),
* boost 1.65.1

…and tons of rebuilds of dependent packages (cauldron), and many, many more.

Oh, and something else nice in Cauldron: PulseEffects, which adds a nice graphic equalizer and filters and so on to PulseAudio. Still working on getting it to play nice with Plasma, but the Magicians are dealing with it.

Don’t forget that you can check out the Mageia AppDB (https://madb.mageia.org/) at any time to see what’s being updated across all Mageia versions; you’ll see that there were lots of updates this week. Also, if you want to keep track of security updates in between roundups – particularly to check out the CVE advisories – take a look at https://advisories.mageia.org/, where you can select the Mageia version and type of update. Click on the advisory number to check out what the fix was all about.

And thank the QA team and the packagers!

See you next week!

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Weekly roundup 2017 – week 46


Another busy week for Cauldron, while not as many large updates, lots of other packages have seen work, as well as getting ready for future upgrades.

  • flatpak 0.10.0
  • boost 1.65.1
  • glib 0.7.4
  • chromium-browser 62
  • zsh 5.4.2
  • kmymoney4.8.1

There was also an update to PHP, so plenty of module updates and rebuilds for that and boost.

The other big update that is coming is Firefox, there is an issue with its build and our rust toolchain, but once that is sorted then Firefox 57 will be coming your way.

One other interesting discussion that will have to be resisted, most likely many more times before a full decision is made, is what to do with the 32-bit media. While they are still needed for now as not everyone has access to high-speed internet for net installs and most likely they will be the ones without access to newer 64-bit hardware.Currently there are also many others who do have 64-bit hardware but for some reason still use 32-bit install. At least it seems that way from torrent statistics shared by some of our contributors. Hearing opinion on this is always useful, although this is probably something more for Mageia 8.

Mageia 6

A busy week for updates, here are some of the important ones:

  • konversation 1.7.3-1 – CVE fix
  • firefox 52.5.0-1, nss 3.28.6-1.1 & rootcerts 20171025.00-1 – CVE fixes
  • nextcloud-client 2.3.2-1 – bugfix update
  • php 5.6.32-1 – Security fix
  • cups 2.2.6-1 – bugfix update
  • flash-player-plugin – multiple CVE fixes

Mageia 5

Also some important updates for Mageia 5, here are some of them:

  • konversation 1.5.1-1.1 – CVE fix
  • firefox 52.5.0-1, nss 3.28.6-1.1 & rootcerts 20171025.00-1 – CVE fixes
  • bluez 5.28-1.2 – CVE fix
  • php 5.6.32-1 – Security fix
  • flash-player-plugin – multiple CVE fixes
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Weekly roundup 2017 – week 45


Lots of big updates since the last roundup, here are a few of the big ones:

  • networkmanager 1.10.0
  • kernel 4.13.12
  • libreoffice
  • lxqt 0.12
  • mesa 17.2.4

llvm 5 has also been moved out of testing, so a fair few rebuilds of big packages have been needed. Please reports any bugs or issues with that on the Bugzilla.

Mageia 6

  • libjpeg-1.5.1-1.1 – CVE fix
  • flash-player-plugin- – bugfix and security update
  • openssl-1.0.2m-1 – CVE fixes
  • git-2.13.6-1 – CVE fix
  • nvidia-current-384.90-2 & ldetect-lst- – new hardware support (Quadro P5200) and bugfix
  • arduino-1.6.5-3.1 – bugfix update
  • x11-server-1.19.5-1.1 – multiply CVE fixes
  • libpng-1.6.34-1 – update

Mageia 5

The big news for Mageia 5 was the extension of its support period until December 31st, 2017, full details available in this blog.

  • libjpeg-1.3.1-4.2 – CVE fix
  • flash-player-plugin- – bugfix and security update
  • openssl-1.0.2m-1 – CVE fixes
  • nvidia-current-384.90-2 & ldetect-lst-0.1.346.8-1 –  new hardware support (Quadro P5200) and bugfix


The Paris Open Source Summit is coming up in December, we will be there, so if you would like to come along and meet some contributors and all of the other events happening, or help out at the booth, feel free to get in touch.

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